Saturday, 8 December 2007

Not finished but...

Not quite finished this just yet. I really like Kirby's original Grey Iron Man design so this is influenced by that- it's a character for a game idea that I have- hopefully I'll do a series based on the same theme. I have to play around with posing him and I have to add a bump to the armor, it looks too smooth but you get the idea- hopefully get round to it soon. I really haven't rendered this properly either, just a quick thing.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....

Well where do you start with a blog? I have no idea but a recent ZBrush sculpt seems as good a place as any? Technically, this is exactly what I said I wouldn't do- the idea was to concentrate on drawing in my spare time but I enjoy sculpting in ZBrush. This took about 4 days of solid, eye-blurring work but I learned a lot.

The hardest part was getting the weight and proportion right. I kept it simple, no un-necessary detail and this is how I'll probably continue- at least for a while anyway. I might texture it in future but at the moment I'm just enjoying sculpting little maquettes and leaving it at that.

There's something else in the works- it just needs some TLC- so keep posted :)