Saturday, 16 February 2013

February Tonal Studies

Well it's been a slightly less successful week, I completely tanked it in life drawing and so here we have some tonal studies instead. I tried these in carbon pencil, some have blending and others don't (I think they're more successful like the top left study). The Velazquez bottom left is rubbish, don't think I was feeling one and doing a 3/4 portrait like that as a small thumbnail proved tricky. Charcoal works better for these, it's easier to move and play around with the tone.

But yes life drawing....what is going on there? I should be so much farther along than I am and I know not to make a lot of the mistakes that I'm making. I think I haven't got to the stage where I've relaxed into it, it's still a struggle and you know how it goes when you think about things too much.... Awkward pose and shifting model last week but I should have been able to handle it. I seem to be like that, I'll either really progress or really tank it and nowhere in between.